About us

In January 2020, my wife and I moved to Catania after more than a decade and a half in China. She’s a native “Sicula” and I am originally from the lovely North African kingdom of Morocco. 

The transition was never really planned and what should have been 3 months of hanging out and getting adjusted. It ended up being 3 months of quarantine, lockdown and deep discovery of a different side of Catania. 

With “CT Vibe”, the idea to to keep track of my adventures, opinions and discoveries in the shadow of mount Etna. There will be reviews of restaurants, bars, live house; There will be opinions on current issues; There will be guides and how-to. 

Of course, this is a journey and all opinions are my own, formed through a lifetime of being an expat with special needs and careers in IT, music, Event Management, Cooking and Bartending.  i’m usually easy going but i can be very biased about my own opinions so.. it is what it is. 

Let’ face it, when we move here, life is about more than Arancino and Granita.