Covid Vaccination in Catania: A Tale of Open Days, Long Lines and a Shot in the Arm

And it’s done! Now begins life again as yours truly got his first covid jab in Catania… Can I get a hallelujah?

I didn’t jump any lines and waited impatiently for my turn that came around this week so yeah, midlife i am. I was lucky enough to manage a reservation for June 2nd to presumably get my choice of serum shot in my arm but then they announced the open days for over 40 with AstraZeneca in all Catania hubs.

get more up to date info on their FB:

It was a bit of a struggle deciding between waiting another 2 weeks or just getting it done but then again, I was ready to fly to Serbia for a jab a month ago. Having the afternoon free, I decided to give the shot a shot.

The closest hub downtown is the old Ortifruit market in San Giuseppe La Rena, on the way to the airport, about a 4km bike ride from home. Why not? At worst, it would count as a decent workout to make me feel less guilty about those negronis i have been enjoying too much.

When I got to the hub, I was a bit shocked at the long line of circa 300 people waiting under the sun at 16:00; I almost backtracked but decided to still give it a chance and see how fast it moved. Heck, there were people twice my age in line.

As I began my wait, someone asked if this was the line for people with reservations and someone else answered yes… uhm, I didn’t have any I said. An older gentleman was kind enough to tell me to go to the gate and talk the guard. I did!

The guard asked my age and if i knew that it was AstraZeneca only, two questions I would hear often over the next 30mn, and then let me in. There was no line for me!! I was already doing a little victory lap dance in my brain.

First step: a desk to get 5 forms that you need to fill with repetitive information: Name, age, codice fiscale, phone number and signature. Once that’s done and checked, you get sent inside the building.

Second Step: get the forms rechecked and be issued with a QR code then directed to a specific queue

Third Step: Wait for your jab and get shot in the arm

fourth step: Wait in line to get a confirmation and appointment for the second injection

fifth step…. there’s none 🙂 you’re all done!

Hope this helps some people make a decision and go get vaccinated. If we’re to stop this damn virus, we all have to do our part.

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