Welcome back, “Fera ò luni”: Catania’s market in Piazza Carlo Alberto Open Again

One of the joys of living in downtown Catania was to have “Fera ò luni”, the city’s biggest farmers market just 2 minutes walk from our house. With a cacophony of sounds, colors, smells (not always pleasant), it’s a beautiful representation of the hustle and bustle in the city.

Sadly, for the past 2 months, the market was shut down. The stalls and fish smells were replaced with silence and pigeons and the city lost a bit of its soul. Mind you, the city became a lot cleaner, especially Piazza Carlo Alberto which hosts the “Fera ò luni”.

The pigeons ruled the square.

As of today, May 13, it’s back!

To start with, only the 132 owners of fixed-seat license for the sale of consumer products such as fruit, vegetables, meats, cheeses and fish are allowed. The rest will follow at a later date.

There are only 2 entrances with strict temperature checks, masks and crowd control. This is a welcome change that i wish could be made permanent.
Social distancing is encouraged and enforced while spaces are clearly marked.

Looks life fresh seafood is back on my menu folks, after two months of those frozen things from Deco or Pennys.

Go support your local farmers!

references: LA SICILIA

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