Going for a walk in Catania during Phase 2 of the Italian Lockdown – It’s Scary

Woohoo, we are almost a full week into our phase 2 of the lockdown in Italy. Like most other cities, Catania is starting to open up and folks are back in the streets. It’s really hard to blame them though considering how long they have been stuck and the beautiful weather we have at the moment.

Via Etnea downtown on a Friday night, Not a soul in sight!

Catania was very much majestic during the lockdown. The eerie silence and empty streets made it feel like a live postcard with almost no one out, even downtown.
I must say I have been extremely impressed with how well behaved and respecting the city was through the toughest part of the restrictions. Everyone got in line and followed the rules. It was pleasantly unexpected!

People waiting in line for the supermarket and practicing good social distancing.

In our case, between self-quarantine and the lockdown, we’ve been dealing with the new reality since February 24th so well over 70 days. During that time, there was almost a daily walk to either the supermarket or the tobacco shop to get daily necessities and just change walls.

Things have changed. Folks are out in big numbers, taking walks, exercising, having smokes by the beach etc. While restaurants and bars are still supposed to be closed, let’s just say they have found ways around the restrictions.

and just like that, no more social distancing on Via Etnea. Such a difference in 3 days

I took a long walk yesterday to the beach front promenade aka lungomare and i have to say the joy of seeing the sea under a clear blue sky clashed with the crowds on the sidewalks and everywhere. About 50% had some sort of mask on but the others didn’t. Most people observed some sort of social distancing but not within their own group.

The birds are no longer alone in the square.

To be honest, it does stress me out and I am now spending less time outdoors than i did during the heaviest part of the lockdown because i don’t want some idiot ruining my plans by sneezing on me.
To be fair, plenty of folks were following the rules but as the saying goes, it takes one fish to stink up the whole damn basket.

One part not making sense is why the kiosks are open when the bars and restaurants can’t. Kiosks are one of the biggest social hangouts in this town and folks should be careful about this but they are not.

I understand the stress and business realities more than most, having lost mine partly because of this tragedy; but if we’re not careful, we might slide back into a phase 2 of infections instead like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Batman knows how to get it done.

I’m gonna keep trying to get my walks in but i might just have to switch them around and go out during meal times to limit contacts.

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